Introducing “Pan European Days”

With acceleration of the internationalization of the Renminbi, Chinese enterprises have strengthened their “Going Global” strategy, thereby increasing both depth and breadth in enterprise cooperation and investment exchange between Chinese and European enterprises. In order to provide more outstanding investment matchmaking services for Chinese investment institutions, Bank of China is working with Euronext Paris to hold the first “Pan European Days” event in China in November 25-26, 2015.
“Pan European Days” is a major event created and sponsored by Euronext Paris. Three such events have been held in New York since 2013, in which important companies listed on Euronext met with investors; the event has yielded ideal effects.
China’s first “Pan European Days” will be held in Beijing as well as Hong Kong. At that time, European enterprises and financial institutions listed on Euronext will engage in large-scale collective roadshows to introduce the European investment environment to Chinese and Asian investors and to accentuate investment opportunities in listed companies and related products.
Euronext is the largest stock exchange in the Eurozone, and is a leading stock exchange in the world with greatest trading activity. It leads the world in terms of company listings, stocks, financial options, financial derivatives, bonds, and market data.
Bank of China is the Chinese bank with the highest level of internationalization and diversification. It provides comprehensive financial services for clients in China and 41 states and territories. Bank of China’s subsidiary BOC International is the oldest Chinese investment bank and a main participant and leader in the Hong Kong and Chinese capital market.

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